Our Values

Our values

Be Brave

We embody a spirit of daring that informs how we support our partners. Our energy is finely attuned to the courageous drive of civil society and grassroots campaigners who make a positive impact on the world. We prioritize deep alignment with our partners’ visions and work fearlessly to drive them forward.

Foster Trust Above All

We are bound together by an unwavering commitment to integrity and creating a lasting impact. We ensure our partners can always count on us — not just for our delivery, but for our moral compass and the intimacy of our counsel. Trust is not a value we strive for, it’s a promise we keep.

Campaign with Tenderness & Tenacity

Every decision and action we take is infused with heartfelt compassion and bold imagination. We believe that success in philanthropy comes from developing a complex spectrum of human capabilities — one that runs from deep empathy and connection, to action and execution.

Embrace Continuous Learning

We operate at the forefront of philanthropic best practice and excellence, and we pledge to remain students of our sector. We continuously learn from our partners and adapt quickly in the face of systemic change.

Seek Diverse Perspectives

The uniqueness of every individual’s perspective and lived experience is our most valuable resource. We embrace equity and inclusion in our words, actions, and counsel. We seek to foster a culture — both inside and outside the firm — where all voices are heard, respected, and valued.

Our Mission is to Build a More Equitable World

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The Common Thread: Our Vision

Inspired by this vision, we will seek to be positive custodians of and participants in our sector, and to share resources and content that can help us learn and uplift our collective impact.


We seek to partner with those who challenge the systemic economic, social, and political conditions that undermine the true expression of human agency, equality of experience, and justice.


We believe that the love we have for the place we call home must start with a deeper understanding of our role in and impact on the natural world. We believe in the collective human responsibility to protect and conserve the foundations of the natural world — both for ourselves and future generations.


We believe culture is an essential building block of our humanity and shared reality. It’s the well from which we derive our inspiration and our compassion. It allows us to construct powerful experiences, meaning, and understanding — together.


We believe that lifelong access to personal development, growth, and learning are the foundation of human agency and dignity. We also believe that learning is not just about education and human development, it is about justice.

Health & Well-being

We believe that access to compassionate, affordable, and holistic care and well-being services is intrinsic to human dignity. It is also the cornerstone of a compassionate, humane society.