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We offer the services listed below. We customize and tailor them to closely match your mission and align with your strategic needs.

Campaign Design, Execution, & Measurement

We tailor our services to specific campaign and fundraising goals. We push the boundaries of what’s possible, build the infrastructure, execute, and measure impact with our partners — side-by-side.

Governance, Leadership, & Board Engagement

We engage with board members and leadership teams to create a culture of societal impact and philanthropic consciousness within the organizations we support.

Capacity-Building & Coaching

We use our decades of collective nonprofit experience to establish resilient organizations with deep capacity in every facet of philanthropic operations.

Revenue Opportunity Assessment

We partner with leadership teams and board members to ensure a realistic yet ambitious rate of growth is factored into strategic and operating plans. Within those plans, we help you diversify your base of support and align internal structure, systems, and culture to maximize opportunities for growth.

Philanthropy Program Design & Implementation

Whether you are a corporation building an ESG program or a foundation building a new initiative, we can help you design durable philanthropy programs that deliver lasting impact.

Case for Support Communications & Narrative Design

We capture your vision to create compelling cases for support. We advise and coach our partners on how to position their brands for the future of philanthropy, including thought leadership and content strategies that build compelling social, cultural, and environmental narratives.

Philanthropic Partnerships

We have the bench of knowledge and the relationships to help you forge novel partnerships. We strategize on how best to collaborate — both inside and outside your firm — to meet your revenue goals and drive your shared objectives forward.

Executive Search & Interim Placement

Whether you’re building your team, appointing a board member, or seeking to recruit a leader to spearhead your philanthropy operations, we are there for you. We use our extensive network to empower you to find top talent and a perfect culture fit.

Change & Crisis Management

Regardless of the mission of your organization, change is the only constant. With emotional intelligence and empathy, we help you adapt to the headwinds inside and outside your organization. You will be ready to pivot and respond — regardless of the scenario.

Advisory services to philanthropists of all kinds

In addition, we offer discreet, deeply resonant, and highly impactful advisory services to philanthropists of all kinds — including individuals, families, and foundations. If this is of interest to you, contact hello@russellphilanthropies.com. Your query will be handled with utmost care and discretion by our leadership team.

Our Mission is to Build a More Equitable World

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